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16 November 2013

Hardraw Falls, Osmotherley, Druid's Temple

I've been thinking a lot about the North recently. Probably because this term has zipped by and my Christmas in Yorkshire is only three weeks away(!!!) Also, because I'm highly contemplating moving to Leeds when I finish my degree. My Mum lives in a tiny village just outside a tiny town so unlike the droves of Brightonians returning from university to the comfort of London being close by for internships, I face a place that isn't even on a bus route. My family are all from Yorkshire, too, so I feel very at home there, which is odd considering I only ever lived there properly for two years of my life. Apparently I have a penchant for northern life (and a slight bit of a Yorkshire twang)...

This is a photo of Hardraw Falls, near Hawes, North Yorkshire. You pay a few quid and you can mosey up to the waterfall; it's kind of all there is there. Although, if you're feeling adventurous it's easy to forge your own path up the rocks to bridges that stand regally above streams - the perfect place for a game of pooh sticks. There's also luscious green fields for miles around which are easily visible if you peek over one of the surrounding dry-stone walls.

This is a photo of a view obtained at Druid's Temple, near Masham. I spent many an afternoon wandering through the forests, only to find myself submerged in fields, or gazing at derelict stone houses. Pretty rad. Also, nearby Bivouac, a cafe-cum-glamping hotspot, is a perfect place for a post-stroll cup of tea. 

And this is the reservoir at Osmotherley. Again, a beautiful piece of Yorkshire countryside that was idyllic during the warmer months. Couples hand-in-hand nestled on the banks while lively pooches threw themselves into the clear water. 

See you soon, my Northern friend. I'm excited.

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