Bill Cunningham

I watched Bill Cunningham New York on Netflix a few nights ago and can't stop thinking about this adorable, talented man. The documentary captures his frenetic lifestyle perfectly, zooming about NYC after a bicycle-bound Bill. It follows him rubbing shoulders with fashion's elite, to Paris where he accepts an award and gives a humble speech rejecting paparazzi culture, and into his home - a studio in Carnegie Hall - as he prepares to be dislocated in favour of offices. 

I'm writing one of my essays on Ellis' mock-memoir Lunar Park. I've liked his work for a long time, having read Less Than Zero pre-university. I think it pretty much spawned my love for American contemporary literature, which I was lucky enough to take a course on this semester. Despite his faults and inherent narcissism, I love the way Ellis toys with form and works with narrative voice. Lunar Park follows on from American Psycho with its unreliable narrator, but this time it is the author himself, removed from New York City into the post-9/11 numbness of suburbia with his (fictional) wife, son, and stepdaughter. It's nice to actually be writing an essay on something that engages me. 

So, last week one of my best friends from Texas stopped over in England before flying to Qatar to spend Christmas with her parents. It was so, so good to see her. She's currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, but is dead-set on moving to Victoria, B.C. Moreover, her grandma has a two bedroom flat on the island and she invited me to come and live there with her (!!!). I'm trying not to get my hopes up but it would be absolutely amazing to go work in Canada for a year or so and then descend down the West Coast on our USA roadtrip. Dah!!! So yes, fingers crossed things work out. I've been gazing at photos of Victoria with longing. The nature there looks incredible, and get this... it's an hour from Vancouver by ferry (on which I could potentially peek at some whales) or two/three hours from Seattle, Washington. I wanna go drink at the flagship Starbucks and listen to Grunge in its homeland! 

Chance would be a very fine thing.