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10 December 2013

birthdays in brighton

So, a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks...

 I finished uni for the Christmas holidays, and in so doing completed my penultimate term, ever. E V E R. It's starting to sink in that formal education doesn't continue forever.

My housemates and I made a roast dinner to celebrate the end of classes with my seminar teacher, who slightly resembles a mole (milk bottle glasses and a constantly surprised look) / beginning of the festive season, and also to procrastinate from impending essays due in January. I say "we"... I contributed mainly to the washing up as my cooking isn't quite up to par. Among many things, Emily made Yorkshire puddings, Abi cooked the chicken to perfection despite being a veggie, and Fran made some insane roast potatoes that tasted unreal. 

We all donned our Christmas jumpers and put on Band Aid, Mariah and other cheesy tunes while we washed down our feast with some mulled wine.

And Lucy threw hers on the floor. 

Earlier in the week I turned 22. I think 21 was the last birthday to really hold any sort of excitement for me, maybe because I was in Massachusetts, a place where 21 meant being let into bars/ public drinking places instead of having to hide away in Z-shaped concrete dorm rooms, red cups in hand. 

I was informed by one of my friends that her younger sister, upon finding out how old I was turning, remarked with shock "oh my god, she's like a real adult now!"

... brilliant.

I woke up on Tuesday to presents and breakfast with Naomi, who'd come down from the North to visit. After lazing around, gorging on advent calendar chocolate and feeling fairly giddy, we got ready and headed to La Choza to have lunch with my friend Rosie.

La Choza is a new (well, moderately new) Mexican Restaurant just up from Kensington Gardens with Dia de Muertos style decorations, vivid pink walls and charming staff.  It's Mexican street food inside a cosy restaurant in the Laines. You choose your filling, your salsa and your wrapping (taco, burrito etc etc).I had prawn, lime and chili quesadillas (cheese, sour cream, prawns, with some refried beans on the side - all of my favourite things), along with a bottle of guava juice. It was quick, delicious, and cheap at roughly 8 quid for my meal and drink. Much recommended, Brightoners.

After saying goodbye to Naomi, Rosie and I wandered around Brighton, catching up with our friends at work who were emblazoning the record shop with Christmas decorations, and then had a cup of tea at Infinity Foods cafe gazing in wonder at the Christmas lights illuminating Gardner Street.

 Arriving home, I was greeted with even more food as my housemates had made a pasta bake followed by an amazing cake that I couldn't help but stare at in disbelief as it was brought to me through the raucous singing of "Happy Birthday". I was one happy bunny.

Yes, candles were a little sparse in our house that day. 

After all the cake/food/ champagne/ general food coma we headed to the pub and I felt very, very happy indeed because lots of people had come out on a Tuesday night to see me and celebrate with me, even if it was just for one drink. I wasn't so happy when I realised it was 99p tequila shots and I had 5 bought for me.

 Needless to say it was a horrendously drunken evening, but in a good way. Every time I was without a drink I had a vodka cranberry bought for me. Most of them were drank, some ended up spilled across the floor, and one my friend Louis decided to sit on. After Hobgoblin we headed to the Green Door Store for Donuts, a free hip hop night I'd been meaning to go to for a long time. Essentially just a load of white kids dancing to Biggie.

But it was fun. And even though I didn't quite know all the words to certain Tribe songs, in my drunken liquor-fuelled euphoria I felt on top of the world. Until I was a little bit sick on the way home. I'm not as young as I used to be, apparently.

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