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11 January 2014

A Day out in the Dales

It's not long until I head back to Brighton so I've been trying to lap up as much of the Yorkshire countryside as I can. Today, with the sun out in full winter's force, we decided the best thing to do was to pull on our wellies and head out into the sticks.

I spent my summer wasting in the luscious beauty of the Dales (or more exactly the Yorkshire Dales National Park). And so, when my Mum asked where we should go I had a few tricks up my sleeve. However, while driving, we were greeted with this...


Water, water, everywhere. We stopped in our tracks afraid to go any further, until we saw other cars make the brave journey and decided we'd take the plunge...

...which was good because otherwise we wouldn't have been able to make it to West Burton falls! West Burton is a beautiful little village near Aysgarth that looks like it should be on the back of a postcard. It's crazy to think that some of the countryside folk that reside there literally have a waterfall in their back garden. Can you imagine?

With all the recent rain (and flooding) the falls were somewhat more rambunctious than when I saw them in the summer.

We had a wonderful time playing around, getting stuck in the mud, and admiring the scenery. My little brother particularly enjoyed standing on rocks in eccentric poses. What a dude.

After the fun and games died down we got back in the car and drove through the woolly Yorkshire countryside to Hawes, a picturesque village near Leyburn. Once there we wandered among the cobbled houses towards a cosy pub for a cup of something hot and a place to shelter from the freezing cold. Though I'd borrowed my Mum's padded coat for the ramble I obviously hadn't wrapped up enough; I still haven't mastered the art of layering. 

As we drove home to the sounds of Simon & Garfunkel I felt content, as I always do after a day in the Dales. Yorkshire was recently voted the third best region in the world. The world. THE ENTIRE WORLD. It even managed to beat out places in Spain, New Zealand and America.

After days like today, though, I think I understand why.

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