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10 March 2014

Getting Ice Cream in Brighton

Today I hopped onto campus in the morning to do some reading. I've decided to try and spend as much time on campus as possible, what with only five weeks of seminars left. Look at these delightful daffodils lining the entrance!

After finishing Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (Hunter's getting the dissertation treatment) and gazing joyfully at the mass of students smiling in the sunshine, I decided I'd had my fill for the day and jumped on a train to town.

The thing I adore about Britons is how over-excited we get from the first hint of warmth. Tights are shuddered off, shorts and summer dresses are dug out of our wardrobes, and flip flops are flung on with great enthusiasm. All despite it only being 15 degrees. But hey, this is the sort of weather we thrive in. Any colder and we moan; any hotter and we moan. We sure love to complain. 

Today, however, Melissa and I did no such thing. Instead we sought out somewhere to enjoy some ice cream. 

We strolled down the seafront and finally decided on Scoop and Crumb, a huge cafe specialising in yummy, yummy dairy-heavy treats. And waffles. Mmm waffles.

Anywho, after much deliberating (and awe at flavours such as Cinnamon and Biscuits) I went for one scoop of Strawberry Dream, and one of Choccy Woccy. Melissa went for one scoop of White Chocolate, and one scoop of Choccy Woccy, too. 

We stared out the big windows onto East Street, slurping our ice cream while watching the men in vest tops fritter by, along with ladies in coats and scarves. Despite differences in outfit choices, one thing we all shared were the big, fat smiles gracing our faces. 

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