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4 March 2014

Crafts: Record-Breaking

Vinyl's had a massive resurgence lately. Kids in their droves are navigating old music shops to purchase hidden gems for ancient record players, or kinda shitty ones bought from hipster-havens like Urban Outfitters. 

Last night Emily, Lucy and I headed to our friends' flat near the seafront for homemade pizza and beer. Throughout the evening we listened to a wicked soundtrack of Blood Orange, Real Estate and other great music - all from their 50p record player bought at a carboot sale at Brighton Marina. 

50p! 50 penny sweets or one vessel for booming the late, great Otis Redding's seminal album. I know which one I'd pick. 

As I don't have a record player myself, I thought I'd try out some DIY to jazz up my room. I headed to the British Heart Foundation on London Road and landed this beauty: 

What a name for a record. 

Emily, Fran and I headed to our kitchen to turn this 'pig bonk'ing record into a record-breaking bowl. (I love puns alright, there I said it).

Em was super excited!

First we found our utensil. We were looking for a really tall mug but this being a student house all were missing/ dirty so this measuring cup had to make do.

Excuse the dirty hob *cough* student house *cough* (I swear it's not all slovenly).

I put the record on top of the measuring cup, placing the side downwards that I wanted to be on the inside of my bowl. 

And into the preheated oven (100-120 degrees celcius) they both went. We kept the oven door open so we could ogle the warping disc. 

We pinched away at the sides and pushed it into shape. But, it wasn't quite to our satisfaction so we popped the vinyl back in for a few mins extra. 

Finally, after pinching away some more, we decided we were 'bowled over' (heh heh) with the result. 

It looks rad in my room. Notice the pink waving cat (that obviously approves) who was borne from a birthday card Emily got me which, once popped out and sorted, became a 3D wonder. 

My new bowl with some make-up/ things in: 

A perfect present for friends or just something cool to put your crap in. And cheap, cheap, cheap. 

At the British Heart Foundation charity shop I also bought this cheeky record:  

My next crockery endeavour perhaps? Or one for a 50p record player, should I be so lucky to stumble across my own. 

Just look at Paul and George larking around.

For both of these records I paid only £3.50! I can truly say I wholeheartedly support the vinyl resurrection.

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