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27 March 2014

Sweet Potato Quinoa Patties

picture from A House in the Hills

I'm quite renowned for my below-par cooking. In second year, my housemate and I attempted to make a sweet potato risotto for the rest of our housemates (two of which were seasoned chefs, one employed as such and the other just for leisure) which took us about three hours to cook and in which the sweet potato remained hard. It was an awkward dinnertime for all.

I stole this recipe in order to make use of a large bag of quinoa I procured many moons ago when I had a hint of a health-kick. Now, alas, in part due to dissertation stress, I've returned to chomping large quantities of my sweet, sweet friends, namely Chocolate & Crisps...

But with this great recipe, I managed to use up lots of things in the fridge/ cupboard and it tasted real good. And it's healthy right?

First thing first --- 

I cooked up my quinoa (it takes about half an hour):

I peeled and then microwaved my sweet potato (for a couple of minutes at a time - I've had bad experiences with turning glorious orange sweet potatoes into black, burning crispy horrors) as time was of the essence due to uni work stress. Then I mashed away:

In a frying pan I cooked onions and garlic, adding some soy sauce to make em' sweeet. I only had purple onions - they're colourful, it's fine.

To liven things up and to get rid of veg that was about to go off, I sliced up some courgettes and mushrooms:

Then in a bowl I combined the sweet potato, quinoa, and onions and garlic

Then I made them into patties. In some I added the courgettes and mushrooms that I'd cooked in a pan while mashin'. Who said I can't multitask?

I cooked the patties on both sides for 2 minutes at a time in some butter.

Anddddd VOILA
Okay, they don't quite look as good as A House on the Hill but 10 points for effort, no?

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