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28 April 2014

Bolton Abbey in Summer

I've been in Ben Rhydding, Ilkley for the past few days, working on my essays and eating my Granny's famous trifle. After mushing my brain (and theirs too) with far too much Hunter S. Thompson trivia, my family and I decided to go on a stroll in the sunshine. We clambered into the car, put on Dad's David Bowie C.D. and sped to Bolton Abbey. Only ten minutes out of Ilkley, and 45 minutes out of Leeds, it's well worth the trip.

I'd been really wanting to gaze upon some bluebells after seeing people's lovely photos on Facebook. We didn't know whether we'd encounter any on our ramble to the Strid --- but lo and behold, fields and fields worth greeted us.

A little too excited. . . 

We felt like any second we were bound to see fairies fluttering through the lilac carpet.

Sam, feeling desolate, walking to the Valley of Desolation

We wandered past the Strid, or the River Wharfe. There were many benches dotted along the way to sit, recharge, and take heaps of photos. All in aid, no doubt, of photographers or iPhone enthusiasts like myself. We saw lots along the way, and a little dog that looked like at any moment it was set to bound off and plunge down the canyon. Yikes. 

A really lovely place for a potter in the Dales. The only down side was that the fee for the car park was 7 quid! Alright, I suppose, if there's five of you in the car willing to chip in, but for our poor old pa, he had three stingy kids to contend with. However, it was definitely worth the cost for the scenery --- priceless, you might say. 

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