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15 April 2014

Grand Budapest Hotel @ Secret Cinema

Secret Cinema

Next month marks London's live cinema specialists' 21st endeavour. "Tell No One," the advert exclaims.

The title of the flick is shrouded in a haze of utmost secrecy. Saturday Night Fever, The Shawshank Redemption, Bladerunner, and Ghostbusters are only a handful that have already received the Secret Cinema treatment. And it hasn't just been films, either. 'The Grand Eagle Ball' treated ticket holders to an 1920's themed intimate soiree with Laura Marling and other musical guests.

For their 20th venture, Wes Anderson's latest film The Grand Budapest Hotel was brought to life. Both huge fans of Wes's work, Milly & I bought tickets for this extravaganza months in advance. Of course, the date arrived in a flash. 

When the time came, we boarded the Circle line tube from Whitechapel and found ourselves - feet, furcoats and all - in Zubrowka, following the hoards of 1930s patrons to the secret destination.

I won't tell you too much about our special night within the Grand Budapest. After all, to give you every last juicy detail removes from the magic of the evening. I will though tell you that, during the two hours before the film screening, we were taught to waltz (turns out I'm not too much of a natural), we went wine-tasting and guzzled gin cocktails, we clambered inside the regal elevator and descended to the spa where we dipped our feet in the cold gooeyness of its treatment room, and I met a very charming lobby boy. 

Most incredibly though, there were NO phones in the vicinity; they were confiscated before entry. 

Imagine this: looking around the beautifully furnished mocked-up hotel to see hundreds of wide-eyed gals & guys taking in the scenery with open-mouthed wonder. No glowing of iPhone screens, or relentless selfie-taking, just pure, unadulterated fun. 

Truly grand.

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