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3 June 2014

Caffe Aldo, Brighton

I think I've found my new favourite restaurant in Brighton. It's a very unassuming little place nestled on to Trafalgar Street, a few strides down from the train station. I've walked past it hundreds of time, yet, never really noticed it before.

Liz and I first went to Caffe Aldo last week after a series of recommendations. It's BYOB so we grabbed a bottle of red from the corner shop across the road, before settling down in seats outside. I won't lie to you, I had a little complex eyeing up the seagulls, who, in turn, were hungrily gazing at our food from afar. I spent most of the meal in fear of being dive-bombed.

Food-wise, I ordered the Capriciosa pizza - artichokes, prawns, olives, mushrooms, and salami. All of my favourite things. Fresh out of the pizza oven, it tasted beautiful. Liz had the chicken, which she raved about. The bill was extraordinarily cheap for the quality of the food, and the service was lovely - really laid-back but efficient. 

Last night, we returned with Melissa to show her the gem we'd discovered. This time we sat inside, away from the inquisitive white-winged creatures that line every Brighton rooftop. 

Once more, the food was impeccable. I ordered the same thing as last time as I'm very unoriginal, but Melissa had the calzone, and Liz the spaghetti teamed with the steak. On my next visit I think I'll try one of the pasta dishes. There's a particular prawny one that's caught my attention (can you tell I'm a seafood fan?) We laughed, drank wine, relished our food, then waddled home. 

If you're looking for Italian cuisine in Brighton, Caffe Aldo is top of my list. As far as I'm aware it's open for lunch and in the evening, and also has a takeaway service. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Oh and try not to knock over a wine glass when exiting like I managed to do... I think I might go a little easier on the vino next time.

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