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18 June 2014

Field Day

6th & 7th June, Victoria Park --- Saturday has finally arrived. We were told it was meant to rain all day so we pack rain-macs in our rucksacks and hope for the best. We board the bus from Whitechapel as we drip with perspiration. I don't trust BBC weather any more.  Rhian's come from Leeds to London for the weekend and doesn't have an Oyster card so we scramble for change, waving festival tickets like flags, throwing pounds and pennies at the bus driver. In a flash, we disembark. Unsure of where to go, we follow the trail of hipsters pouring into the park. Everyone looks immaculate despite the heat --- I wish I knew their secret. Into the arena, we head first to the bar. It's 2pm and we're in need of refreshments. I see lots of Beacons Festival posters which excite me as in 7 weeks time I'll be in Skipton enjoying a lot of the same acts once again, but this time with camping and good old Northern grub. I'll do a post about it all soon. (Y'all, please come too!)

We're within Victoria Park for 8 hours. It zoooms by. The bands are great; my friends are great. My favourite act of the day has to be Blood Orange, with Dev Hynes (Lightspeed Champion, whut) shimmying expertly to his masterfully produced music. Samantha Urbani, Hynes' girlfriend and soul-singer oozes cool. What a babe. The whole ensemble just blew. our. minds. full stop. Another highlight is Omar Souleyman, who's Middle-Eastern beats bounce around the small tent we see him in. Oneman & Jackmaster joining forces for CAN U DANCE is a royal daytime treat. So many great acts grace the different stages that we spend most of our time flitting between them instead of within. But it's all gravy. The atmosphere is chilled. Everyone's having a good time. Amazing food vans line the erected walls of the arena --- any cuisine you want you got it but it'll cost ya. Everything is hella spenny. Even a can of Red Stripe sets you back a fiver. Four beers for twenty pounds --- ouch. But I guess that's the price that must be paid. At 11pmish after seeing the lunacy of Danny Brown, we congregate and head back to Whitechapel. It's been a long day and I feel like I've been beaten up from tiredness. I only bought a Saturday ticket as I'm poor but Rhian returns on the Sunday to see the Pixies, Future Islands, and Brighton-born (well, Burgess Hill) Lovepark, among others. From her words, she luvved it. 

Thank you for a great weekend, Field Day. Hopefully see you next year!



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