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17 June 2014

Osmotherley Reservoir

A little drive out of the market town of Northallerton and on the western edge of the North York Moors National Park lies Osmotherley. I've spoken about it before but it deserves another mention. Picturesque, quaint, and the epitome of all things that make North Yorkshire so beautiful, Osmotherley is always a treat. The village itself houses a multitude of cosy pubs, cute coffee shops, and places to buy ice creams when the sun illuminates the stone of the buildings and the green of the grass. It's peaceful and secluded yet there's always a buzz about it. Last week during a fleeting visit home, my family and I took William (our beloved canine) on a ramble around the Osmotherley reservoir. Before we could pull up to the little car park enclosed by the moors, an Alsatian cantered past us, chasing after a poor sheep. Bleets echoed in the hills as the animal ran for its life. Panic spread through us like an electric shock. "COME BACK HERE!" screamed the owner. Thankfully, the dog did, abandoning his toy of choice and returning to its shaking master to receive a grand telling off. This dramatic start to our casual potter remained in conversation as we walked the route along the water. What had happened to the rogue sheep? Would it be able to find the baby who it had been accompanying before? As we crossed the stepping stones over the river and ascended back to where we'd began, we heard a high-pitched bleet. It was the baby sheep, crying among the heather. We paused, feeling heartbroken, and put the lead on William. Then, suddenly, our eyes caught a white blur moving down from the top of the hill across the road from us. Another was weaving across from the left. Again, bleeting echoed continuously. The sheep were returning to save the baby. Once reunited, the cries ceased, and the jolie famille walked steadily on together. Osmotherley - the epitome of all things that make North Yorkshire so beautiful.

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