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15 September 2014

what autumn means to me

Ah September, the month that for the past 18 years of my life has always equalled the big S - School. The mad rush to -- sometimes excitedly, sometimes begrudgingly -- buy stationary and appropriate new clothing rid of the wear and tear of yesteryear. Mammoth amounts of reading. The sobbing for summer not to end. THE ANTICIPATION. This September, though, things have changed. I've been able to sit back and really think about what the word means now that I'm done with university (and not just the title of one of my disco faves by Earth, Wind & Fire). The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter, and despite this weird Indian Summer we've had the past week, Autumn is approaching. 

To me, this time of year means trees boasting firey leaves. It means pumpkins and pumpkin carving and pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin pie. I love pumpkin! (Have you ever tried the pumpkin katsu at Pompoko in Brighton? It's amazing). September/October means curling up in knitwear, with scarves that cover your face and hats that keep your ears warm. It means walking the dog with a few extra layers on. It means nights in with red wine or even hot chocolate with cream & marshmallows instead of nights out in beer gardens. Most importantly, it is the season of the jumper. Jumpers are my favourite item of clothing and one of my favourite things in the whole world. There's nothing better.

Autumn drums up images of Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal careering through Central Park in When Harry Met Sally. I think of New England, of socks and boots and coats but not quite gloves. I have a romantic vision of it, yes. A world away from the reality of sideways rain that makes your mascara cascade down your face, I accept this. 

This Autumn for me means no more school. It means making like the phoenix coloured leaves, spreading my wings and finding something new to do (dressed in a turtleneck with a nice cup of cocoa in hand).  Oh and PS: If you weren't sure before, now you know that pumpkin and jumpers are the way to my heart. But not together... that could be messy and/or tacky.

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