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14 September 2014

Sundaze #1

In a bid to get myself blogging more I'm gonna start a serial Sunday post --- a round up of my week --- what I'm thinking about/reading/watching/listening to/wearing, etc. Sunday to me is (obviously) the day of rest, but also a day to reflect on things. So here goes!

Thinking about:               t h e    f u t u r e . . . 
This week I've been in Leeds a couple of times scoping it out for when I finally move there. I'm aching to get back to city life. I've been strolling around, chitchatting to handsome strangers, and spending some time with these guys:

Reading: I've made a conscious effort to read more. It's been tricky post-uni to get myself into non-analytical leisure reading but I'm getting there. This week I've started Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy -- we'll see how it goes! 

Watching: This week I watched Bombay Beach. Have you seen it? It's such a beautifully made documentary that centres on masculinity within a once-upon-a-time holiday resort in California which has, metaphorically and figuratively, turned to dust. The narrative follows young Benny, a little boy diagnosed with ADHD who struggles to find where he fits in, high school student CeeJay who finds sanctuary in the wasteland from LA's deathly gang culture, and Red, who represents the older generation of Bombay Beach, fully entrenched within the sand. The cinematography is ethereal and magical, with tune-smiths Beirut and Bob Dylan providing the dreamy soundtrack. I would recommend it in a heartbeat for it's genre-defying style, and the issues it delicately raises about American culture (and in relation, British, too). It's a perfect watch for a Sunday.

Listening to: Today in particular I've been listening to a lot of Amy Winehouse, mostly because it would've been her 31st birthday had she not tragically passed three years ago. The posthumous compilation album Lioness: Hidden Treasures is particularly beautiful, a collation of what could've been created from hours of unheard material. Her soul-drenched voice flutters over the emotion-ridden lyrics. Today also marks the unveiling of a life-size statue of the singer in her adopted home of Camden. In her cover of the Shirelles' hit, Amy asks "Will you still love me tomorrow?" Yes, we always will.

Wearing: I got ma fringe back! For me this means a staunch goodbye to the bare, sweaty forehead of summer and hello to winter -- because in England the latter two seasons kinda blend don't they?  Anyways, I love a good fringe. Not that mine rivals Suki's, Jenny's or Angel's.

Happy Sunday xxx

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