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24 October 2014

Ribbledale Viaduct

I've been wanting to go see Ribblehead Viaduct for a while now, having seen it immortalised on Facebook or highly filtered on Instagram. It's a pretty spectacular sight. We drove and drove for what seemed like hours, stopping briefly at the Wensleydale cheese shop (naturally), before the Viaduct stood regally in the distance. 

Such a shame the weather was so disgusting. I ran out of the car, hair covering my eyes, to get a better look, before the freezing mist was too much to bear. Back in the automobile, we sped downhill to find warmth, and also some little friends. 

Isn't this one of the most Yorkshire things to happen? 

Afterwards, we stopped in Leyburn at the Posthorn Tearoom to have a cup of- well, have a guess- and a freshly baked scone. 

Ribblehead Viaduct is quite a drive into the woolly Wuthering Heights-esque moors but I would definitely recommend it. Hopefully I'll get to go again when the weather's a little sunnier!

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