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7 April 2015

Back To The Future - Leeds Young Film Festival

Hello lovelies! I've just had the most beautiful four-day weekend down in Brighton -- where I ate glorious food and drank way too much -- returning yesterday to a glowing, sun-swaddled Leeds. In a matter of 24 hours, I've seen a handful of people in flip flops, along with a searing amount of women in strapless playsuits. This, my friends, can only mean one thing... Summer's coming! Oh, and at the first caress of Vitamin D, Britons lose their shit, Did everyone else have a great one?

Anyways - back to business! Last weekend I wrote about Leeds Young Film Festival and the exciting things happening in its programme (if you haven't read my post, go have a nosey *cough* shameless self promotion *cough*). 

Most of The Film House's magic happened over Easter weekend, which sadly I missed... But! On Thursday night, brimming with Bank Holiday excitement, I headed to the opening event: a grand showing of Back to the Future to celebrate its 30th anniversary!

I'd never seen it before. That's right - I'd never seen Michael J. Fox dressed to the nines in double denim, and a bodywarmer, cruising down the wide roads of California on his skateboard. I'd never seen the Fox man warding off his own Mum's advances after travelling back to the 50's in a time travelling Delorean. I had not LIVED.

---- Speaking of Deloreans! Look what found itself outside the grandeur of the city's yellow stoned capitol ---

I'd also never been in the Town Hall, so it was an evening of firsts. I can never quite get over how beautiful the architecture is in Leeds. Little snippets of ancient, carved beauty hanging high above our heads. Look up every once in a while - you'll be in for a treat.

N and I sat down, popcorn in hand, and got ready to witness a cult classic.

We bloody loved it! I had that awkward moment when you realise you're staring up at the screen maniacally grinning, and you must look terrifying. I felt like I was a kid again, which is in essence the beauty of this film festival.

After the film, the Delorean outside was back with a vengeance - but this time, zooooped up (not quite sure if zooped is a word, but I kinda like it) in homage to the end of the film, ready for the sequel. 

Thank you Leeds Young Film Festival for a wonderful night! If you haven't already had a look at the programme of what's on this week and next, I promise you, you really should.

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