By Emily Davies

by  mendhak 

It seems too early to be saying this, but already there’s a chill in the air and it feels like the winter is well on its way. How rubbish! Summer doesn’t seem to have been long enough this year, but already we’re sorting through our wardrobes and deciding what we need to buy to get through those cold winter months ahead.
But going into winter isn’t all bad. There’s the buzz around Christmas and New Year to look forward to, and there’s a lot to be said for those cosy evenings in when it’s already dark by 4.30pm. For a start, autumn and winter brings a lot of entertaining and addictive TV – series shows such as Unforgotten and Downton, and the X-Factor and Strictly, of course. Not that TV is the only evening entertainment option during the winter. It would soon become pretty same-y if that’s all you did. There are plenty of other ways to pass those winter evenings, especially when you don’t feel like venturing out into the cold.

One way to have a great night in with your mates is to get the girls round for a bingo night. Now that there are so many online bingo sites like bgo, Wink and New Look Bingo to visit, all people need to do is bring their tablet or phone with them and you can all log in to the same site to play together. At, for example, there’s a host of different rooms to choose from, including Fairy Delight, Golden Galaxy and Crown Jewels, all with different levels of games and jackpots to play.

Joining a bingo site takes a couple of minutes and you’ll be rewarded straight away with a welcome bonus when you put your first deposit into an account. Many sites now offer a 400% bonus, which means that an initial deposit of £10 is automatically increased to £50. That’s a great starting pot to play online bingo as most games are only a few pence to play and all the sites have free games on their schedule. Playing bingo online instead of going out could actually help you in budgeting for the expense of Christmas, which is really only a few of months away now. An evening of bingo games works out much cheaper than a few rounds in a bar, or going out for dinner.
Playing online bingo doesn’t require any concentration, so while it’s fun to watch and get excited about as your card’s numbers get crossed off, it won’t prevent you and the girls from having a catch-up while the game goes on. All you need to add is a glass or two of wine and a few snacks to have the perfect girls’ night in. And, who knows, one of you might land a great cash prize while you’re playing and treat everyone else to a night out another time!

Of course, bingo is just one idea for a way to pass those long winter nights, but it’s one you can go back to again and again. First-time players will soon discover why everyone else loves this simple game so much!