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29 October 2015

a sneaky halloween experience - preview

Can anyone else not get over the fact that it’s almost NOVEMBER? I’m nostalgic already for those two glorious August days of 30-degree sunshine we had. Now, darkness sweeps in at 5pm. The amber leaves swill to create a blood orange hurricane. The skeletal trees hang along the canal. The city grows spooky as Halloween approaches.

This week the beautiful Kirkstall Abbey will transform into a ghoulish interactive outdoor cinema thanks to Sneaky Experience, the Leeds equivalent of Secret Cinema. There’ll be face-painting for the little’uns, special effects make-up, photobooths, creepy cocktails, food and drink stalls, fire performances, and plenty of opportunities to be spooked shitless.

Depending how brave you feel, upon arrival you can enter into the Sneaky Game Changer -- a live, interactive board game experience. Hidden within the ruins, 30 actors will be waiting to thrill and chill you as you move forward on the board. You'll need to overcome numerous scary challenges in order to escape out the other side.

The film fright-fest begins tonight with Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street.  I don’t know about you, but I reckon I’ll be having scary dreams for days on end after watching Freddy Krueger’s terrifying tango with teenagers on the big-screen.

On Friday 30th October, step into Bates Motel to celebrate its 55th anniversary as Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho gets the outdoor treatment.

On All Hallows’ Eve, in the shadow of Sneaky Experience’s very own handmade 12 foot tall Wicker Man, Robin Hardy’s creepy flick of the same name will turn up the fear-factor.

American Werewolf in London will close out the weekend on Sunday 1st October. If you’re after a supernatural way to contend with your hangover, this could be perfect for you.

Halloween is a holiday that always sneaks up on me. Weeks before the big event plans of elaborate costumes roll into my head, before evaporating into eyeliner whiskers. At least this weekend I’ve got my outfit sorted – lots and lots of jumpers. We’re in for a cold, dark, Sneaky treat.

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  1. I live near Leeds so I need to attend one of the secret cinema events eventually, I'd love to know what kind experience you have. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming


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