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25 November 2015

leeds fashion initiative - the launch

Leeds is a very exciting place to be at the moment. Sat in Leeds City Museum tonight surrounded by industry professionals and proper dapper men & women, I couldn't help but feel the buzz of ambition, of creativity, of talent, of something special. 

We were all gathered to celebrate the launch of Leeds Fashion Initiative -- the brainchild of Lambert's Yard, with help from Regeneration Through the ArtsLeeds City Council, and London College of Fashion's Centre for Fashion Enterprise -- a project aimed to invigorate Leeds as a fashion destination, along with helping fledgling designers grow and fly through funding and business support. LFI also wants to re-establish our city as the hub of textiles manufacturing outside of London. 

After all, we are and have always been a place built on attire - just look at our cityscape, lined with historic mills. Cotton runs through our canal; fabric floods our streets. We have lost our way a little bit, but it looks like we're back on track. What a bloody clever, apt setting we were in, too.

The impressive array of designers featured in the fashion show included the likes of Anita Massarella, Christopher Raeburn, and Giles Deacon, alongside garments designed by Leeds College of Art graduates. We saw exquisite tailoring. We saw INSANE cheekbones. We saw coats, we saw colour, we saw incredible clothes.  

I recently read this thinkpiece by Mick McCann for Culture Vulture, in which he argues that Leeds as a city can only truly shine, and be recognised on a world stage, if it moves away from the sweet, green, all-encompassing label of Yorkshire. It needs to be ambitious; it needs to be bold; it needs to be Leeds, not defined by its location in West Yorkshire, which has potentially dulled a little of its vibrancy as a stand-alone metropolis. We are bigger than Manchester, and yet we have let Mister Manc run away with the press, the praise, and the progress of being heralded The Only City of The North for far too long. 

It's high time for Lady Leeds to take centre stage. Dressed impeccably, naturally. 

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  1. The model wearing a flat cap is very appropriate, has he also got a whippet?


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