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14 January 2016

snap! yorkshire recipe boxes - spotlight

Ah, January. It’s a month that serves as the almighty paradox: hopeful New Year’s resolutions are bouncily made (New Year, New Me whut) yet the weather remains depressingly bleak. Icy feet meet fresh new sneaks. It’s the time of year that makes you want to come home from work and get straight into your pyjamas and slippers; it’s NOT the time of year where you can be bothered to battle through the elements to do your food shopping. It’s also hard to lose those stubborn excess Christmas pounds when a takeaway constantly seems like THE BEST IDEA EVER.

I first saw SNAP! Recipeboxes on Twitter, and was instantly drawn to their premise of using fresh local Yorkshire produce. Good ol’ Yorkshire grub, eh! The perfect post-January treat. SNAP! are a new family-run company based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire (about 15 minutes away from my Mama’s house) who source their seasonal ingredients from other independent businesses across the green and purple paradise that is God’s own country. Founder Charles explains “We source everything 100% locally in Yorkshire, partnering with exceptional local farmers, independent growers and artisan producers who share our values of quality and taste. They’re real folk taking real pride in producing real food.”

Anyone else get frustrated with recipe books which list numbers of unobtainable food bits in the method? An obscure type of date you say… now where the hell can I get that from? With SNAP! there's none of this hassle. The boxes are delivered straight to your door (omg, yes) and contain ALL the premeasured ingredients for three quick, delicious meals including two evening meals and one brunch, along with recipe cards. Now, I’m no Nigella, but I just about know how to follow a recipe. Fingers crossed.

The first recipebox will hit doorsteps on Friday 5th February. You can view and order which recipes you’d like here: Don’t worry if you’re not at home, Woolcool and Sorba Freeze insulating packaging keep your ingredients cool and fresh for up to 24 hours.

Keep your eyes peeled for my review of box numero uno!

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