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17 January 2016

5 blogs i love

It seems like everyone has a blog these days. Seriously though, pick a city anywhere in the world and you'll be able to tap into daily life there through numerous photo-filled posts. 

If you think about it it's pretty bloody amazing. Seeing people of all ages carve out their own little digital frontier on the wild wild web. But does anyone else sometimes find it a little overwhelming? There's such a constant stream of great content spattering at us from our little iScreens that I often start to feel like my eyes are swimming in a never-ending colourful cosmos of letters. How can I possibly read it all?!! I've got a permanent case of blog-induced FOMO.

Luckily, I've found a few blog buoys in the ever more crowded Insta-sea that coincidentally make perfect snowy Sunday reads.

Here are five I love:

Emma Gannon is a superstar. Her writing is all kinds of intelligent, funny, and generally just badass. Reading her wondrous words, I can't help but find myself thinking how much fun she'd be to have a glass of wine with! Every Sunday she also smashes it out the ball park with her newsletter filled with musings, Q&A's, and links to articles that are always absolutely on point. Her book Ctrl; Alt; Delete: How I Grew Up and Stayed Sane Online comes out in July - it's gonna be insanely good.

Katie Oldham's writing is magic. Literally, she's the most amazing wordsmith/rockstar I've seen on the interwebs. Every arrangement of letters is concocted in a way that's streaked with the mastery of prose. Long live natural born writers writing blogs! I love the unique ways she has of telling her stories, of lust and love and wanderlust. Her blog has made me ache for New York City in the most beautiful way.

Olivia Purvis is another one who knows how to write. Seriously, girl got a gift! Everything about her site, her Snapchat, her Instagram (and her!) is super cute. As is her little pooch, Maggie! I've been really enjoying her interviews with influential women recently, along with her travel guides and recipes. Her aesthetic is like Wes Anderson meets a quirky French patisserie - lovin' it.

Meg's writing is brimming with honesty and authenticity. I'm new to her New York based blog so I'm still in the process of spending my Sundays reading her anecdotes, and feeling so strangely connected to someone an ocean away. Her eBook Places I Stopped On My Way Home is so far so brilliant, and invokes in me my own NYC love story.

Omg, how yum does the above look? I also only discovered Cate's blog really recently, but it's the most parfait foodie haven! Gorgeous recipes (mostly vegetarian, and more recently vegan) spliced with bright, bold, bloody tasty looking photos of food. Heaven on a plate. 

Which blogs are your Sunday go-tos? Let me know below your recommendations! 


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  1. I so know what you mean about FOMO, I get it so bad!! Thanks so much for your lovely words :)


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