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13 July 2016

let it be - leeds grand theatre

Let It Be / Mon 11 - Sat 16 July 2016 / Leeds Grand Theatre

In Britain, we LOVE The Beatles. We inextricably know The Beatles. Grown from the soil of our cheeky and chipped smiles, the four Liverpool lads are the amalgamation of our culture. Well, everything good about it. Full glossy fringes and perfect pop songs that will never fade. They're within us; we within them. How then, almost 40 years on, is it possible to bring something new to the legacy of the Fab Four?

I'm here at the Leeds Grand Theatre to see the opening night of the theatrical concert Let It Be, a show that's been seen by over 2 million people worldwide. I've been past this majestic building oh-so-many times in my life, but never inside. It's majestic, and wonderful. 

We take our seats, and everyone around me looks giddy. Happy. Wines in their hands, and smiles on their faces. The show begins, and immediately we hear the melodies that run through us like rivers of gold. From the get-go, we can't help but dance around.

There's Paul, with his trademark feet-together stance! There's John, with the spectacles. There's Ringo at the back, drumming away. And there's George, looking slightly like a sexy Anthony Kiedis, spectacular fringe blazing into the audience. The resemblance of the actors to the Beatles is uncanny, and that's the magic of it. Toto, we're not in Leeds any more! We're in Liverpool's the Cavern; we're in the audience of the Ed Sullivan show; we're on Abbey Road. We follow our four friends through the bright colours of Sergeant Pepper, the LSD haze of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Hair gets longer, music gets louder as the 1960s transcend into the 1970s and guitars go electric.

And the whole time, we're dancing and singing our hearts out and having a whale of a time!

We've all got our favourites haven't we? In Let It Be, they play the lot. My favourite (in case you were wondering) is the rendition of Here Comes the Sun, acoustic and raw. It brings a teeny-tiny tear to my eye.

At the end of the day, we don't need a two hour theatre show to educate us about The Beatles, delving into their psyches and histories. As previously stated, we know them already. What we want, and what we need (especially at the moment) is a night of FUN, soundtracked exquisitely by our prodigal sons. And for this, Let It Be is that sunshine we've been missing. 

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