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21 August 2016

a sunday kind of love #1

A  S u n d a y  K i n d  o f  L o v e

I'm starting something new - a series of posts I'd like to call 'A Sunday Kind of Love.' I've experimented with doing a weekly Sunday post before, but it never quite went to plan. I've also noticed a bit of a lack of personal content on here. So, here goes! Maybe this will be the perfect combination of the two. Every Sunday I'll be listing five things I've been loving, whether it's something I've been up to, a song, a book, a podcast, a person a place, or maybe even a dreamy photo.

- Brighton I haven't visited my hometown in over a year now, and I feel a pier-shaped hole within my soul. This week I got the news that my little brother got in to the University of Sussex (where I went) and I'm insanely excited for him! And also for the excuse to visit once I have the money and the time. I sometimes feel like an invisible thread ties me to the Pebble City.

- Festival vibes Last weekend I had a lovely one in North Yorkshire. The sun was shining, and we marauded around the countryside, before settling on Saturday night at what can only be described as a mini-festival. There were some super funky bands at Boomfest. There were gorgeous pork baps with crackling. There was frisbee and badminton. There was enough gin to shake a stick at. Ow, my head. This week, then, I've been loving old friends, new friends, and camp fire songs.

- Gifting and Gratitude This week I've been enjoying picking out gifts for people, thinking about aforementioned friends, and delving into the idea of gratitude. I'm someone who can often get swept up in feeling overwhelmed by things, especially if they're not going to plan, so I'm making a conscious effort to step back and really appreciate what's good. What I'm thankful for. I wrote about this is in a post about escaping the urge to escape.

- The Girls - Emma Cline Set in the hellish heat of 1969, Cline's debut is a coming-of-age story centered around girls on the fringes of a cult. I've just started it, and already I'm hooked. Ever since I listened to You Must Remember This podcast series focusing on Charles Manson and his followers, I've been completely intrigued by the psychology behind this phenomenon. Have you read this book? What did you think?

- Sister Act at Leeds Grand Theatre Last month I popped along to Leeds Grand Theatre to see Let It Be, which was a grand old time. It's so nice to enjoy the fruits of Leeds' theatre scene. Next week I'll be seeing Sister Act starring Alexandra Burke - I'll let you know how it goes!

See you next Sunday x

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