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11 August 2016

a whirlwind trip to london with anthropologie

Last week I headed to London for the day. It was a fairly last minute whirlwind visit, but one that injected some much needed vitality into my daily routine. I met some great people, I saw friends, and I ate some fantastic grub. 

The main purpose of my trip was with Leeds Living to meet the Anthropologie team and take a look around their Regent Street shop. I've never seen another store like it! One of their walls was entirely green, made up completely of plants, living and breathing.

We wandered around marvelling at the curation skills of the artistic team, and peering into their workshop, where they're currently constructing a willow tree sculpture made out of 10,000 ice lolly sticks each individually painted. It's really lovely to see such creativity within a big name brand. After having a nosey, we went for a lovely lunch at Dean Street Townhouse. We chatted about Snapchat, Bitmoji, and the future of social media. We ate the most amazing scotch eggs, and drank coffee. I really enjoyed meeting other Leeds writers, and jotting down blog links to check out! If you're in a reading rut, have a look at Em's amazing blog Em Talks, the beautiful magazine House of Coco, and the lovely Joanna and Sarah Halpin's aesthetically delicious blog What She Said.

Anthropologie are opening a store in Leeds in October 2016 inside the new Victoria Gate shopping centre. They're set to collaborate with Mister Finch on in-store artwork, adding Victorian fantastical vibes to what will already be a visually amazing space. I'll have an article all about this published on Leeds Living shortly, so look out for that!

After lunch, I wandered out into Soho, heartily enjoying the sun on my face. Ah, London, how you can sway me. I headed over to Foyle's Bookshop to while away a few hours before meeting my friends after work. There's something about bookshops isn't there? They're so zen, so relaxing. I feel like there's another post in there... Watch this space. But yes, I loved this one! Go find it if you get a chance. The cafe was gorgeous, too.

Suddenly, it was 6pm. I headed to Tottenham Court Road to meet a friend. I walked with her from her work to Oxford Circus. A fleeting walk. A twenty minute catch up. A quick stop-in. We said our goodbyes as quickly as we'd said hello, and then I was off again. Off over to Kings Cross to meet some other friends for some dinner. We headed to Pizza Union, right by the station, which is somewhere you MUST GO in London. It's super cheap (we're talking 6 pounds for a tasty 12 inch pizza), and the atmosphere is always buzzing. We greedily ate our slices, laughed, and caught up about new jobs, boys, and the such. And then, just like that, it was time to leave. Time to find my carriage and flee the capital, just as quickly as I'd arrived. Texts to other friends hanging limply in the air - "let's meet?" "ah, I've got to go!" "another time!"

I sat on the train alone, alongside my book, with my box of remaining pizza slices overhead. Despite the overwhelming tiredness which had begun to seep into my bones, I felt happy. I've thought a lot recently about how breaking out of your routine can be so intrinsically beneficial. Sometimes, I think, you really need some busy-ness, some new-ness, to make you feel alive.

Or, at the very least, beautifully comfortably full.

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