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24 August 2016

one task at a time

In an episode of the Freakonomics Radio podcast called Aziz Ansari Needs Another Toothbrush, Aziz talks about being addicted to the internet. We log on, he says, purely to get a hit of the buzz. We don't need the content in the slightest. Why then do we waste so much of our time skimming it?

 "Here's a test, like take your nightly or morning browse of the internet, right... Your Facebook feed, your Instagram feed, your Twitter. If someone, like every morning, was like I'm gonna print this and give you a bound copy for you to read so you don't have to use the internet. Would you read that book? No, you'd be like, this book sucks..."

I sit here with fifty tabs open at the top of my screen. My phone lies nearby, and every five minutes or so I'll look over it and scroll through one, or two, or three of my apps. When at home, the TV blares in the background. Every now and again I'll pop my pupils up to see that screen.

Why is it we do this? Is the internet our generation's new drug of choice?

I read an article recently about how we're literally exhausting our brains

We're hardwired now to be so easily distracted, so scattered across tasks. Endless procrastination with meaningless flicking of web pages. The ache arrives behind my eyes, the wave of anxiety seeps into my fingers. I feel the weight of a never-ending To Do List I've concocted in my head. Work. Blog. Tweet. Repeat. Until... Break. I'm reading five books at a time. I'm not replying to texts until days later, because my brain feels full. Full of air. 

Recently I had a bit of a breakthrough. Write down the To Do List and do. It seems stupidly simple, doesn't it? To work through things, one task at a time. But it works. So now I'm closing all the tabs. I'm getting things DONE. One task. One task at a time. And then, I can disconnect and switch off.

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  1. I think about this a lot... almost every night I find myself sitting in front of the TV, but I'm paying attention to my laptop, and I'm also checking my phone like every 10 minutes. When I feel overly frazzled I go out to my grandma's house since there's no internet out there! Forced relaxation haha.


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