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20 September 2016

a sheffield dream house

Sometimes during the day, when I disappear into a mind-adventure, I find myself thinking about this Sheffield dream house. It's a friend of mine's family home, and it screams of character - like a bazaar in the middle of the jungle. An abode that feels so lived in. A structure that resembles the Weasley's Burrow in Harry Potter. Living in a flat is lovely, especially where we live, but sometimes I find myself yearning for the comforts that come from a house. The carpeted stairs, a green garden, a green house even. Somewhere to settle in, somewhere to set up roots. This house, nestled in Nether Edge, screams of personality. Cries of community. Blends the woolliness of a Yorkshire landscape with slightly wearing, well-loved walls. Until my city centre days are over, I'll continue to daydream about this bountiful-with-bunting dwelling. 

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