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5 September 2016

a summer wasting

This Summer's flown by in a heartbeat. It's been a season of change, of sunshine, of not being scared to try new things. It's been nice spending weekends and weeks back home in North Yorkshire, soaking in the countryside. 

The endless fields of corn that crunch under your feet. The turnstiles that have seen better days. The pure, unadulterated feeling of freedom that comes from the vastness of the scenery. 

The people I've spent time with this Summer have been incredibly special. So have the opportunities which have presented themselves. The months have spelled the end of my time at the job I've held for almost two years, which is scary but it's time for a change. My life feels a little like tectonic plates at the moment -- shifting, and reforming. But it feels good. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: change can be good. It can be great

A few weeks ago, we spent some time in a little village we're very fond of. I was reminded a little of California by the beaded curtains, and the climbing plants. The cows were obviously profoundly from Yorkshire, but the sunshine made everything feel new, and refreshed, as it has the power to do. West Coast rose-tinted lenses on the Northern landscape. I felt new and refreshed, my skin bronzed by its magical rays, and my eyes seeing for the first time in a long time the sunny-ness of the future. 

In the words of Belle and Sebastian, I spent A Summer Wasting. It's wasted me golden.



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