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4 September 2016

a sunday kind of love #3

- Jerk Chicken at Carnival Bank Holiday Monday saw Leeds West Indian Carnival hit Chapeltown in Leeds. The parade was incredible, colourful and beautiful. We toured the stalls, and found ourselves a nice plate of jerk chicken accompanied by some rice and peas. I'll post more about it later! 

Edinburgh This week I headed to Edinburgh, to stay with Steph who I saw a few weeks ago. We roamed the city for three days. We drank cheap cocktails, listened to Scottish accents, climbed hills and caught up. I fell in love with it, and can't wait to return! Also, the coastline visible from the train en route was unreal.

- The season of knitwear The weather's getting considerably colder, which means only one thing... knits! Bloody glorious knits. Pass me the jumper, and I'll be in my element.

- Pumpkin Spice Autumn also means the CINNAMON BEAUTNESS that is Pumpkin Spice. I love pumpkin, I love pumpkin pie, and I love pumpkin coffees. 

- "you never regret a wild swim": some wise words spoken to me by a friend, and which I discovered last Saturday was true. We went swimming near Hackfall Woods in North Yorkshire, and though it was icy cold, it was euphoric.


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