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7 September 2016

why you need to visit lake gormire

I’ve found my new favourite Yorkshire wonderland, the mythical Lake Gormire. I wrote about it previously in my recommendations for where to swim wild in Yorkshire, but I recently returned and I wanted to share this little hidden heaven with you.

It was a bright Sunday, and I was back at home for the weekend. We’d been celebrating my little brother’s getting into University in a very vivacious way, including lots of champagne and dancing to Motown. Feeling a little more human towards the close of the two days, we clambered in the car and headed out to the wilderness of the Yorkshire Dales. 

How to get there:
We got a little lost on our way, but finally made it to the village of Thirlby in Herriott Country, after passing through the town of Thirsk and the village of Sutton Under Whitestonecliffe. We turned left by the Wren Man cottage, then crossed the Ford and drove up the road until we found an area where you can park. Then it was off, into the woods!

What to do there:
Walk. Hike. Swim. Think. Climb! It's a beautiful spot for a dog walk, as well as a serene haven to help combat the stresses of city life. It's incredibly tucked away, and so it's nicely removed from the crowds of Osmotherley, Aysgarth Falls and other Yorkshire hotspots.

Where to stay there:
After we'd strolled to our hearts content, we headed to the village of Felixkirke for a cup of tea and some chips at The Carpenter's Arms. It's been named as one of The Independent's 10 best British hotels to discover this year. It's a gorgeous pub, complete with a wine glass chandelier, which I was frankly amazed by.

Where's your favourite Yorkshire wonderland? 


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