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26 September 2016

a walk around richmond & easby abbey

It was one of those mornings, when the sun pours through your window and acts as a livewire. Up we popped, down the tea went, and out we skipped, off to Richmond for a stroll in the golden shine.

Richmond's a historic market town near Bedale and Catterick Garrison, and it's beautiful! In my school days, we'd spend Summer nights there at Richmond Live, where we'd drink horribly neon alcohol while our friends played slightly questionable sets on a tiny stage on the river banks...

We parked the car, and rambled down the path, eventually finding ourselves at Easby Abbey. The stone glistened, and we sat and chatted about brighter pastures.

Then it was on to The Station, an architecturally impressive events space in Richmond that acts also as a cinema and a prime spot for a cup of coffee! In the guestbook, Peter Stringfellow from London Town had left an extremely expressive note of encouragement... I wondered if it was indeed the stripper mogul or just some canny Yorkshireman with a cunning alias. Either way, his integrity was intact! This place is definitely worth a visit.

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