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2 October 2016

a sunday kind of love #5

Watch// This week I watched the film Mustang, and it moved me more than anything I've watched in a long while. The coming-of-age story of five orphaned sisters living in a small village analyses the idea of womanhood in Turkey, and what it means to come to sexual maturity in a repressive and unequal society. The actresses playing the young girls are all innately talented and ethereal, reminiscent in many ways of the golden Lisbon sisters in the Virgin Suicides. Definitely a must-see! // The documentary Weiner, about New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and his sex scandals, is an eye-opening look into the American campaign trail, and how our culture revels in the public humiliation of others and the tearing down of celebrities... // Knox on Netflix is a really interesting insight into the cult of 'Foxy Knoxy' - the media led witch-hunt associated with the Amanda Knox murder trial. Despite this being one of the most famous crime cases of the past few decades, I didn't actually know many of the details before watching this documentary. I'd definitely suggest viewing it if you want to learn more. 

Listen// Podcast episodes I've been loving this week: the Here's the thing with Alec Baldwin episode called 'Starbucks' Howard Schultz Doesn't Sleep - But Don't Blame the Coffee' - Alec chats to the CEO of Starbucks on its inception, and the future of the chain, along with Schultz's personal views on success (spoiler: this guy only sleeps for 4 hours a night... which might explain why he gets shit done) // Emma interviews Cindy Gallop for her podcast Ctrl Alt Delete, in which they talk about the wonders of self-employment, along with Gallop's project Make Love not Porn which looks to introduce a respectful, female pleasure oriented alternative to today's often misogynistic and unrealistic internet porn. // Julia Jacklin - Coming of Age // Michael Kiwanuka - I'll Never Love //Billie Marten's stunning new album Writing of Blues and Yellows 

Carrie's DIY Pumpkin Spice - bloody loving her Autumnal themed Instagram and imagery at the moment // I'm a big fan of Sophie's blog, but I've especially loved her heartfelt post this week about why It's okay not to be okay // WhatIShouldEatForBreakfastToday - breakfast inspo galore!

Drink// Vocation Brewery! We drove up near Hebden Bridge on Friday to have a look around, and get to know the team as we're starting work with them next month. The scenery was unbelievable, and the beer and its branding is just absolutely beautiful!

Visit// I've mentioned Maud's House before, when I interviewed it's owner, Hattie! But I just wanted to big it up once again, as I bought and received some wonderful things from there this week. So much dreamyness!

One more thing//  I am absolutely loving the fact that it's October! I love the cosyness of Autumnal days wrapped up in jumpers, sipping hot drinks; I love the chill of the mornings, and the leaves as they crunch under your feet. I can't quite believe how quickly this year has gone, but I enjoy this season very much as a time to renew, clean away the clutter, and settle indoors.


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