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9 October 2016

a sunday kind of love #6

Leeds// There feels like there's so much going on in Leeds at the moment! On Thursday night we wandered around the city for Light Night, immersing ourselves in the procession, and the various light displays. The best had to be 'Light Water, Dark Sky' Squidsoup's 3D art installation at Leeds Dock, which featured an impressive light show and a soundtrack by Four Tet - loved it! In the next few months I can't wait for No Gloss Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival, Beacons Metro, the opening of Victoria Gate, and next weekend's Rum Festival. Autumn is busy, busy, busy!

Watch//  Louis Theroux's Savile - this documentary is a dark, inquisitive, and an insightful look into those who associated closely with the monstrous Savile, including Theroux himself. / Netflix's new release 13th Amendment follows in the same ilk as documentaries such The House I Live In by looking into the roots of the issue of mass incarceration in America. 

Listen//  The Death, Sex and Money podcast episode 'Ellen Burstyn and Gloria Steinem' in which these two amazing, interesting, eloquent women talk about the feminist movement, great journeys (across India, and to Texas with 25 cents to Burstyn's name), the impact of fathers, and so much more. A meeting of two incredible minds / Julia Jacklin's new album (obsessed with this lady).

Visit// Druid's Temple at Ilton near Masham is a magical place. I know I've spoken about it many, many, many times before but if you've never been you should go! This weekend with the sunshine streaming through the trees, and the sweeping views of the reservoir below, it felt even more meditative and breathtaking than usual.


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