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20 October 2016

saltaire in autumn

I love Saltaire! It's a visually stunning model village, formed in the 1800s by a man who grandly went by the name of Titus Salt. He wanted to build somewhere away from the smog of Bradford, a kind of industrial utopia for himself and his mill-workers deep within the luscious countryside of West Yorkshire. 

How to get there:
It's only just over 10 minutes from Leeds on the train, so it's perfect for a daytrip! We awoke on a sunny Autumnal day and decided to make the journey by car which took roughly half an hour or so.

Where to visit: 
Our first point of call was Robert's Park, voted one of the best green spaces in the country. It's colourful, with beautiful architecture dotted around it, and provides a great place to sit and watch the river as it tumbles and thrashes. From here, you can also view Salts Mill as it stands regally across the way. I've previously been inside and checked out the David Hockney iPad drawings selection, as well as the lovely ground floor shop - but alas, as the rain loomed threateningly overhead we decided we'd call a raincheck on it! After wandering around, we headed to The Boathouse Inn for a packet of crisps, and china cups of tea. We had to sit outside because we had a doggy with us, but it allowed for a spectacular view of the water (and the ducks). I hear that they do a cracking roast!

Where to shop:

Where to eat: 

Why should you go?: 
Here's some photos to persuade you if you're not already convinced...



  1. Ahhhhh, I love Saltaire so much!!! x
    Sophie Cliff

  2. Wow. Really stunning photos! I'm up in York for university and really haven't explored much of Yorkshire, and this looks like a gorgeous place to go! Thanks for the tip!

    JosieVictoriaa // Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle

  3. I went to Saltaire yesterday! Wish I'd read your guide first :) although we lunched at The Boathouse Inn anyway and went to Salts Mill, of course, spending hours in the book shop! I love Rad Studio, too.
    Lovely photos, and thanks for the recommendations, will bear them in mind for my next trip. x


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