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18 October 2016

a look inside victoria gate, leeds

It feels like the construction of Victoria Gate has lasted a lifetime. The vision of men in high-vis jackets, and the sound of building work has been a constant fixture of that area of the city centre for months and months and months. But finally, it's finished. In two days time the gates will open, and in the droves of shoppers will flock. Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a sneak peek around the consumer heaven, and the architecturally interesting new Northern flagship John Lewis. Here's some photos I took on the tour - have a little nosey! 

Visually, it's stunning! It's been an extremely divisive development, and I understand the complexities of its arrival, and what it's going to do to the surrounding areas. But, on face value, I can say it's awe-inspiring, gigantic, colourful, and pristine with the exterior causing masses of natural light to enter into the premises - a first for a John Lewis, who usually block out the windows of the buildings they inhabit. This has the effect of reinforcing the cohesion between the structure and the city it resides in, which is what it needed I think.

Make sure you visit over the weekend! It's worth it.


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