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21 November 2016

leeds eats: christmas at fazenda

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to head to a festive tasting lunch at Fazenda at Granary Wharf.

We were greeted with glasses of sparkling Jeio, then had the full gaucho experience, with meats carved at our table. Beforehand, we'd filled up on the salad bar which boasted sushi, cured meats, hot dishes, and of course an amazing array of salady bits. 

I'd never been to Fazenda before, and knew of it only as a fancy restaurant. What I hadn't quite realised was how much food you would get... We're talking mountains of meat. Upon arrival, you're given a card that when it's turned to the green side means you're constantly abounded with more and more rodizio cuts, sliced for you by the amazing waitstaff. When you turn it to red, that means the endless wave of food stops. Unless, of course, you turn it back to green again.

I also hadn't quite realised how lovely and relaxed the ambience would be. It was festive, and warm, and cosy, and frankly perfect for a Christmas meal.

I imagined sitting there, happily dressed up with friends and family - a real occasion, with real occasionwear. Sparkly chit chatter over glorious beef, lamb, chicken, and pork cuts (oh and chicken hearts).  After the fine wine, I imagined leaving the restaurant -- red, green and gold clobber blowing in the wind -- feeling suitably stuffed after some of the finest food in Leeds...

 And feeling more than anything, innately full of festive cheer. 

Now that sounds like the most wonderful time of the year to me.


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