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12 January 2017

how to embrace lagom

not too little, not too much
just the right amount

Following the hype surrounding hygge, lagom appears to be the buzzword of the moment. It's a Swedish word, untranslatable in English, which means roughly 'enough to go around.' A balanced life. For me, it embodies the spirit of minimalism - mindful consumption, decluttering, slow living.

Slow living. Christ, isn't that what we all need a bit more of? I wrote before about wanting to get offline a little more, yet I still feel the zaps of a million things-to-do zizzling around my brain.

Here are some ways we can embrace lagom:

Head outdoors
Walk and breathe.
Savour the taste
Don't overindulge, but enjoy.
The paper, a book, or whatever you like that's not a screen.
Tidy your spaces
Be brutal with disposing of unnecessary items.


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