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1 January 2017

new year, new outlook

I'm writing this post on New Year's Eve nestled on my boyfriend's Mum's sofa, sat inbetween two snoring pooches. I'm in a reflective mood, mainly because of the fact the Christmas break is drawing to a close and also because by the time you read this we'll be firmly planted in 2017. A new year. A new slate. A fresh breath, perhaps. With a sore head no doubt to have been acquired from tonight's festivities - we're going to a Harry Potter themed party.

2016 will be forever remembered by many as the year that music died - we lost the greats: George Michael, Prince, David Bowie. We lost other legends, too. Alan Rickman. Carrie Fisher. Cultural Kings and Queens that will be sorely missed. Alas we've also gained some world leaders who we'd be thankful to be rid of. 

Yet, despite all of this - despite hiccups and horror - I've truly had a great year.

I fell in love. 

I started an amazing new job. 

I travelled around the U.K., to Liverpool, to Manchester, to London, back to Brighton, to Edinburgh and the Lake District. I went to Glastonbury for the first time.

I worked a lot on this little blog. 

So here's to 2017, may it be full of opportunities, happiness, and spontaneity. Let's be brave. Let's be fearless. Let's pick out the pockets of positive in the darkness. 

It's a new year, let's have a new outlook.


  1. So happy to hear that you had a lovely year as I did too amongst all the doom and gloom. I hope that 2017 is just as fruitful. Happy New Year! S x

    1. Here's hoping Samantha! Do you have any lovely plans for this year?

  2. Happy New Year, Jenny! I hope 2017 is kind to you <3


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