the perfect lake district staycation

17 January 2017

Here's how to have the perfect Lake District staycation, discovered in December on a trip to the village Baycliff. 

- Go with on a three hour hike
- Get your feet stuck in the sand, and fall in puddles in the dark.
- Find the Buddhist temple.
- Head to the beach, and feel the rippling calm.
- Go to the local pub, eat glorious homemade food, drink wine, and laugh lots.
- Amble round Ambleside.
- Eat apple pie at the Apple Pie.
- Take stupid photos.
-  Wear lots and lots of layers.
- And in the morning right before you leave, head down to the water, drink coffee, and smile. 


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  1. Ahhhh I bloody love the Lake District! I need to get there asap xxx
    Sophie Cliff

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  3. Love the gold trim on that building near the top of the post, and all the fog! ​​​🙏🔮


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