something about the rain

21 May 2017


The rain here reminds me of home. Albeit in Cambodia when the clouds open, the droplet circus begins. A stormy flush takes over and the world becomes a wet one. Everywhere is water, everything is water, everyone shields in whatever way they can from the sky-borne waves. Ponchos cover bikes. Umbrellas cover tuk-tuks. People uncovered get soaked.

At least it's warm. Not like in England, when the sky stays grey for days and the liquid icicles stab at you endlessly from all directions. But still, there's something therapeutic about this type of weather - a rest from the heat, a comforting sight to behold while nestled on a bus (as we always seem to be), a postcard from more familiar pastures. 

It comes, it clears, it leaves behind a glistening green jungle land. So unlike where we started from, and yet under the dark pregnant sky it smells like my memories. 


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