a sunday kind of love #14

Happy Sunday! How's your week been? Mine has been filled with coffee-shop-hopping, making the stars align, meet ups, and adoring Wellington on the one day of sunshine we had. Last night we bar-hopped, dranks gins and listened to live covers of Thundercat.

I met a very special woman this week


Parched - a documentary about world water wars
Grizzly Man - a Werner Herzog documentary about a bear-loving buffoon
I also went to see Dunkirk, which was intense to say the least

Maranui Cafe in Lyall Bay is up there with one of my favourite places to eat in Wellington!


the lady in the cafe

White hair in curls and eyes of ice, she approached me. "I haven't seen anything like that before" she said, pointing at the free bag I'd been given. "Do you mind if I take your picture?" A conversation erupted, one so expressive her walking stick flew with a clunk to the ground. My hands clasped around the handle of my cup, hers around her camera. 

She wouldn't be content with a photo of her tomato soup, she told me. Unlike the rest of the retirement home residers she wanted people, personalities -- life -- to be instilled within the frame. The essence of Cuba Street, she wanted to capture. And I felt blessed that she'd chosen me. That I got to hear her story. That a novice and a fountain could merge, even for a moment. She told me of her Vespa laden trip to Europe in her twenties, she told me of her husband's death, and handed me her phone number alongside the promise of a guided tour. I gave her little pockets of my truths, too. 

Even when it seems like you're making stabs in the dark, beams can shine through.


a sunday kind of love #13

Happy Sunday! This blog post comes to you from Wellington, my new home. I've been here for three weeks now and so far it's been a medley of herbs growing in the kitchen, sweeping views of the bay, bright blue skies, eye-watering winds, dogs in the office, wooden slats, climbing over cricket ground walls, introducing everyone we've met to Yorkshire Tea, and generally soaking in the city. 

I wrote about how obsessed I am with Whatsapp voice messages here and subsequently received copious amounts of the gems from my nearest and dearest

How To Be Good via the New Yorker

This California Typerwriter trailer
This Lola Kirke video ft. Jemima
 Big Little Lies & the Handmaid's Tale
This is the Kit - Moonshine Freeze

The High Low Podcast - Pandora & Dolly killing it every week. Fangirling hard, especially because they answered my question a few episodes back!
Culture podcast with Robert Bound
Literary Friction - Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge and Kishani Widyaratna

How's your week been?


here's how to save your friendships

Friendship is getting harder. 
Why? Because as Millennials we're not only moving further and further away from the ones that we love and cherish, but we're also becoming much more attached to instant messaging as means of communication.
In today’s world our frenetic schedules mean that we so rarely get to connect properly anymore with friends afar. To collude, to chat, to wrap up in another’s accent or eyes. Instead, we waltz on by each other’s lives, occasionally sending brief snippets of text through iMessage, WhatsApp, or whatever medium becomes our weapon of choice.
We're too busy, or our timezones are adrift. The friends you used to catch on your lunch, now require a late-night phone-de-vous, and even then there's hardly often hours to spare. Thus occasionally we retreat into the impersonal realm of scatty, surface-level contact, finding it impossible to lock each other down. And you know what, occasionally it's just not enough.
Three months ago I left the U.K. It was on a mission of discovery, calm and clarity that I took off. So I went, and here still I am, trying to find a balance in fully embracing my new ventures, while still keeping my beautiful friendships in tact. 
Recently something happened that changed everything... 
Someone sent me a WhatsApp Voice Message. Yup. A recorded voice note of such. Hearing their voice was the antidote I needed — five minutes of unadulterated energy. It was a ramble, sure, but hearing the intimacies of my friend’s intonations filled me with the deepest sense of comfort. A postcard from home. It was exactly what I needed to reignite that sense of security, restoring my faith in long-distance friendship.
I sent one back. God, it was fiddly holding down the buttons. But I did it! Off into the aether of the internet, and I was in awe.
It didn’t sap away my time; it didn’t even really feel like I was on social media, if you know what I mean. It felt real, in the way that only a phone-call or in an-person encounter can be…
And now? I'm converted. The Voice Message caters to the time-starved, and to your human urges for connection. It caters to the nostalgic who love mementos, and even to those who just *love* to hear their own voice (it’s so strange to hear yourself chirp away, but strangely satisfying). 
Until we meet again my friend, I'll send you my voice and receive yours gleefully.