six of the best things about wellington: new zealand's coolest cultural capital

I've officially lived in Wellington for six weeks! Time has just ticked right on by, hasn't it. I'm still settling on in, which has been helped by some friends from home arriving and meeting lots of new lovely people. Sincerely, I feel like I've already fallen for this city -- it blends together what I love about Brighton with what makes my heart happy about Yorkshire. As you walk up and down the hills,  there's always a sweeping view of the bay to be beheld, colour pops from every corner, and it's got a bohemian, artsy, seaside vibe. 

Here's six of the best things about Wellington:

Street Art
On Cuba Street, in Newtown (where I live) and all around you'll find vibrant street art. It really gives the city that dose of independent character. 

Brunch & Coffee Spots
My favourite place so far for brunch would have to be Maranui Surf Club Cafe in Lyall Bay and its sister restaurant Seaside Cabaret in Petone. Both do a mean eggs benedict and coffee combo, and I mean look at the view from the latter. Fact of the day? Wellington has more cafes and restaurants per capita than New York City...

Bright Blue Skies
I'm still mesmerised by the bright blue skies of New Zealand! Even on a Winter's day, the hue can be otherworldly in its vibrancy. I've written loads about this on here, and on Instagram, but you just don't seem to get the same intensity of grey dark dull days that you do in the U.K. And when the sun does make an appearance, the temperature becomes boiling (probably due to the lack of O-Zone, eep)

The Hills
Tiny, thin meandering streets leading up into the hills. Wooden slatted colourful houses as far as the eye can see. Here it's like San Francisco meets the Old West meets nothing I've ever seen before. You get amazing views from the steep slopes, but you certainly have your work cut out for you if you live at the top of one of them! I think it's fair to say that's why most people in Wellington drive or have exceptionally toned legs.

Where Water Meets Land
The waterfront is absolutely gorgeous here, in part because the water is crystal clear. It's also where you can find Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand. Wander along East and you'll find Oriental Parade; wander West and you'll find Thorndon and the Westpac Stadium. A few weekends back we drove out to Eastbourne, through Petone, following the water as it curves around - it was beautiful!

Welly on a Plate, New Zealand International Film Festival, gigs at great venues - these are just two of hundreds of cultural happenings in Wellington! I'm still discovering what else there is here, so I'll keep you posted, but so far it seems this little cultural capital is living up to the hype.


put your faith in the universe

Over the days, the weeks, the months, I've learnt slowly to put my faith in the universe. In having a sunny disposition. In figuring that everything will work out one way or another, because it has to, doesn't it? In holding my hands to the sky, and asking for guidance, for signs, and usually I've received them. I realise this sounds namby pamby, hippy dippy, kooky dooky, but fuck it. Oddly serendipitous moments have been occurring over and over again, and I'm open to them; I'm always looking and listening. 

Examples include travelling 12 hours on a bus while sorely under the weather, arriving at the hostel and being upgraded to a private room for two nights -- allowing me to rest, and to ride out my dental dilemma. Watching several episodes of a British TV programme and reminiscing to new friends about an application I made to it two years ago, then receiving an email ten minutes later from the producers about said application. Almost giving up on my house hunt, then seeing the perfect abode. Almost giving up on the job hunt, then spying the perfect role. Little things that absolutely could be a grand spell of luck, and probably are, but...

They say you make your own good fortune, and that's definitely true. Send those emails, make those friends, take those risks, reach out to those contacts, expand your horizons and the sun will shine brighter on you. Don't give up. I say, have faith. Make that leap, and I believe the universe will catch you.