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11 August 2017

put your faith in the universe

Over the days, the weeks, the months, I've learnt slowly to put my faith in the universe. In having a sunny disposition. In figuring that everything will work out one way or another, because it has to, doesn't it? In holding my hands to the sky, and asking for guidance, for signs, and usually I've received them. I realise this sounds namby pamby, hippy dippy, kooky dooky, but fuck it. Oddly serendipitous moments have been occurring over and over again, and I'm open to them; I'm always looking and listening. 

Examples include travelling 12 hours on a bus while sorely under the weather, arriving at the hostel and being upgraded to a private room for two nights -- allowing me to rest, and to ride out my dental dilemma. Watching several episodes of a British TV programme and reminiscing to new friends about an application I made to it two years ago, then receiving an email ten minutes later from the producers about said application. Almost giving up on my house hunt, then seeing the perfect abode. Almost giving up on the job hunt, then spying the perfect role. Little things that absolutely could be a grand spell of luck, and probably are, but...

They say you make your own good fortune, and that's definitely true. Send those emails, make those friends, take those risks, reach out to those contacts, expand your horizons and the sun will shine brighter on you. Don't give up. I say, have faith. Make that leap, and I believe the universe will catch you.


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  1. I am trying to do more of this, to look on the brightside and stay positive. It's so important even if it does sound a little hippy dippy :) xo


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