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12 September 2017

up in the clouds at mount victoria

Wherever you look in Wellington, there's hills, hills, hills as far as the eye can see. It's funny, I remember growing up in Brighton and thinking the incline on my streets was intense back then, back in the day when I would drag my little scooter around with me while out playing with friends. The banks seemed impossibly steep. But now after experiencing the heights of New Zealand's hills, I know that was nothing.

The hills here are occasionally a little overwhelming, but they're where you'll find the best, most rewarding views. Looking for something to do on a weekend, we headed up Mount Victoria to enjoy being on higher ground. The weather was as fluctuating as usual, swinging from sunshine into a dull, grey glaze, which if anything added to the romance of the visual treat. We watched as the clouds rolled over the hills, as planes landed into the airport, as the sun glittered on the water, and as others arrived out of breath to where we stood, on top of the city.



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