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5 September 2017

a trip to makara beach

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Makara Beach, a cove roughly a 45 minute drive from Wellington through the hills, the depths of Karori, and past gorges gorging with trees. It was a bright blue, gorgeously warm day (the first one in a while) on which we could discard our coats and walk along the shore clad simply in high spirits & jumpers. 

We sat for a while catching up, shielding our eyes from the blazing sun, and watching as children threw rocks into the sea and dogs swam alongside divers. 

After our wander, we headed back along the coastline to the Makara Beach Cafe where we treated ourselves to ice creams before getting back in the car. I couldn't help but think that if we were at a place like this back in the U.K., on one of the warmest days of Winter, it would be uncomfortably bustling with bodies. A joyful thing about New Zealand is the sweeping sense of calm, of peace, of quiet wherever you go.

If you fancy more of a walk you can follow a track from Makara Beach up past an ancient Ngāti Ira pā site to the Fort Opau gun emplacements, and see all the way to the South Island. 


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