8 photos to inspire you to visit cuba street

27 November 2017

Cuba Street's alive with colour - it's Wellington's coolest street bustling with bars, cafes, and vintage shops where you can find sartorial heaven at a knock-off price. I'd even go as far as to call this road Wellington's heart, the pulsating middle of what makes this city for the twenty-somethings, or those looking for that special slice of cultural character. 

Here you'll find Fidel's Cafe for brunch, Midnight Espresso for nachos and coffee, Espressoholic for ...yup, the cutesy Lighthouse Cuba cinema tucked away nearby, Iko Iko for cute gifts, buskers, street art, and a whole host of other Kiwi institutions. You'll even find a water sculpture that periodically likes to dump water on people's heads, that one devoted Wellingtonian dressed up as for Halloween.

Do you have a favourite spot on Cuba Street?   


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