a sunday kind of love #23

25 March 2018

Happy Sunday! 

2) David Byrne on Desert Island Discs (not so sure about the Brazilian track though) 

3) This week I've watched Rosemary's Baby and Harold and Maude – now all I can think of are eccentric turtlenecks, Mia Farrow's pigtails, and Cat Stevens circa 1971.

3) I'm currently reading Johann Harri's Lost Connections, about the societal causation of our depression and anxiety epidemic. 

5) I'm heading up to Bay of Islands next weekend for Easter - any recommendations?

6) As the U.K. heads into Spring, New Zealand falls into Autumn. It's time for sun-lightened hair to fall on cosy light knits. 

7) Poppy's photos in her New Zealand diaries are lush

8) Hot. Cross. Buns.



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