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25 April 2018


"Across the evening sky, all the birds are leaving
But how can they know it's time for them to go?"

Recently whenever I've made a discernible effort to look at the time it's read back to me: 11:11. It's probably a coincidence, but to me there's a significance – a sign, a pattern, a shift. 

I've been thinking about the way time ebbs and flows. The way it can roll forward endlessly, or feel like it's slipping through your fingers. Our weeks are filled or empty, a different experience. Whether we're at the beginning or end of an adventure, different again. Too slow, too quick; is it ever just right?

Timing too can mean everything. It can throw us into the paths of people who will change our lives, or oust us out of their orbits before anything's even begun. 

Sometimes we know the way time will run, especially when we're locked into a routine and our days all look the same. When this structure falls though, the notion of time can become purely unpredictable and a little overwhelming.

But we can do things to increase our chances. We can slow down, be present and mindful of the now. We can have faith in time's trajectory and where it will take us. 

I'm trying to do both at the moment, which might be why I'm getting these flashes. Perhaps it's a sign, I tell myself, to keep on keeping on letting it flow in the best way it can. Little reminders that we don't need all the answers at this time – they will come with more of it.


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