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29 April 2018

a sunday kind of love #26

This week has been a little disorientating, what with time off in the middle of the week due to ANZAC Day.

I spent my Wednesday having a delicious breakfast with friends, doing life admin, and catching up with other friends. Other highlights this week have included an Owen Wilson themed party which led to a night of dancing, watching some great films, and further ploughing through Gloria Steinem's memoir. 

- Watching Anomalisa. Have you seen it? What did you think?
- Estere's amazing new album 
- Boat life in London (via Laura Olin's great newsletter)
- Hannah's got me dreaming of Canada
- Rookie's daily affirmations
- I'm very excited for Meg Fee's book to come out
- 7 things to tell your brain when it's being a prick. Big fan of Vix's blog!
- I'm feeling a lot of gratitude for where I live at the moment. Newtown, you're my electric eccentric.


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