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24 April 2018

soothed by the sea

When chaos creeps in I find myself drawn to the ocean. It restores a kind of order in me, and tempers my blues in a way nowhere else can. I'm not a surfer – I don't parade out into the waves – no, I'm a shoreline wanderer, a sucker for the view.

A few weeks ago we headed out to Island Bay to blow away the cobwebs, sit by the water, and feel the spray. What I love about Wellington is that you're never more than a ten minute drive from the sea – Houghton Bay, Princess Bay, Oriental, Scorching, so many beautiful spots. Sure the beaches aren't white and they don't stretch into the horizon, but Wellington's coastline has its own rugged charm. It's like looking out on to a gem, it always feels like there's a kind of magic waiting out there. 

The wind's starting to pick up now. The weather's changing, the nights are getting longer, and the city streets have taken on that lens of grey that comes in with the cold. Still there's nothing I like more than wrapping up in my blanket scarf and drinking in the emerald. 

Hands in the sand, my heart finds calm.


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