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6 May 2018

a sunday kind of love #27

1) Today the sun was shining and it felt again like Summer. After breakfast with a lovely, I headed up to Zealandia (an eco-sanctuary in Karori) where my friends and I enjoyed the warmth on our faces as we walked past tuataras, native birds, and silver ferns.

2) On Friday I went to see the Breaker Upperers! If you're a fan of New Zealand comedy, deadpan humour, immensely talented women, and/or all of the above, you should gooo see this. The premise is a bit of a silly one – two spurned women start a break-up service, which goes terribly wrong – but it's delivered in a brilliant, hilarious way. It's the funniest film I've seen in a while! After the showing I went to there was a Q&A, where the main cast talked about diversity, producer Taika Waititi's involvement, and what it means to be a New Zealand comic in 2018.

4) Tania's journey towards Zero Waste



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